Conscientious Sourcing

At H&A, we choose our growers with extreme care. Quality, potency, and sustainability top our list of factors that determine from whom we source our botanicals, so that we can pass along those benefits to you, our customers and friends. Learn more.

Minimal Packaging

Our bottles do not contain the extra outer packaging that many other brands add to their products, which ends up as more recycling or in landfills. We believe the minimalist approach in packaging is best for both the customer and the earth. We search for ways to use environmentally preferred materials wherever possible. Read our Recycling Guide

Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

We re-use divider boxes, paper fill, and shipping boxes. We use biodegradable compostable packing peanuts. We ship economically by using the least material possible while keeping the glass bottles safe. These are a few of the ways we strive to reduce the footprint of your H&A shipment.

Our Zero-Waste Journey

We reduce, creatively re-purpose, compost and recycle as much as we can at H&A – even the most difficult-to-recycle materials, such as electronics, that often end up in landfills.

  • Plastic Pallet Straps are a non-recyclable and unavoidable material. We found a way to divert them from landfills and the ocean by partnering with NYC-based environmental artist Aurora Robson.
In 2021 alone, we achieved zero waste by diverting over 90% of waste generated by our business away from landfills.

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