Recycling Guide

Recyclable Bottles

Recycling Guide

Herbalist & Alchemist’s mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute herbal supplements that are of the highest quality, manufactured from plant material that originates in harmony with the environment. We continue that mission in the packaging of our products. You will find our bottles do not contain the extra outer packaging that many other brands add to their products which only ends up as more recycling or in landfills. We believe the minimalist approach in packaging our products is best for both the customer and the earth.

Please use the following Recycling Guide for our products:

  • The amber glass used in all our products is recycling # 72 and fully recyclable. Our glass is made of 55% post-consumer recycled glass.
  • The clear glass pipettes used in our droppers are recycling # 70 and fully recyclable.
  • The natural rubber used in our droppers is biodegradable.
  • The plastic caps used on all our products, including droppers, but excluding our 8oz bottle caps (we’re working on a more widely recyclable replacement!), are recycling # 5 and fully recyclable.
  • The rollerballs in our topical oil roller bottles are recycling # 5 and their fitments are recycling # 4 and both are fully recyclable.
  • Our plastic bottles are recycling # 2 and fully recyclable.

Please follow your local recycling rules and regulations.


Watch a short clip on how to recycle

Natural Packing Peanuts


Our non-toxic compostable packing peanuts...


  • Are re-usable.
  • Are made from corn starch, not paper or Styrofoam, so please do not put them into your mixed recycling.
  • Can be disposed of by dissolving easily in warm water and can be washed down the drain.
  • Make a great addition to your compost pile (either dissolved in water or just mixed right in with your compost, they will biodegrade easily and provide good food for the earth worms).

Very occasionally, we will receive packages that contain foam packing peanuts. Instead of tossing them we will sometimes re-use them.

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