Organic & Sustainable

Our Mission
“Harmony with the Environment”
Organic Commitment
  • Over 75% of the herbs we use are Certified Organic
  • We use Certified Organic Alcohol & Certified Organic Olive Oil
  • The ◆ △ symbols on the bottle tell the sourcing story of the unique botanicals you hold in your hand. We work with a network of growers and ethical wildcrafters, so the harvest method for each batch can vary. If you have questions about how the current lot of an extract is sourced, please reach out to us.
    • ◆ Certified Organic
    • △ Ecologically Harvested
Sustainable Commitment
  • Network of Ethical Wildcrafters—built over many years
  • Minimal & Bio-Degradable Packaging—it’s not fancy, but it’s earth friendly
  • Robust Recycling Programs
  • Conservation



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