Organic & Sustainable

Organic Commitment


Sourcing Organic Ingredients Over 70% of the ingredients we use are Certified Organic. We use Certified Organic Alcohol derived from sugarcane & Certified Organic Olive Oil.

We work with a network of growers and ethical wildcrafters, so the harvest method for each batch can vary. The ◆ △ symbols on the bottle tell the sourcing story of the unique botanicals you hold in your hand.

  • ◆ Certified Organic
  • △ Ecologically Harvested

Botanical Highlight: American Ginseng Our grower has over 50 years of experience in growing high-quality, forest-grown, wild-simulated ginseng.

  • Roots are not harvested until they are at least six to eight years old or more to ensure maximum Ginsenoside levels.
  • They grow their ginseng in a natural way at a high elevation under a canopy of hardwood forest, and their usage of seed stock developed from wild seed, gathered locally, also results in a root with maximum potency.
Sustainably Sourced Botanicals


Quality is everything. We source our plants thoughtfully, employing ethical and ecological harvesting and organic and regenerative farming practices. Many growers are friends through the farming and permaculture communities, and we are proud of these long-term relationships.

Wildcrafters: We are an "Herbalist's Company" that offers extracts of more than 150 botanicals, some of which can only be found in the wild. Wildcrafting, when done right, is regenerative by nature. Our Wildcrafters must follow our strict code of conduct which details sustainable harvesting methods and respect for the land.

Responding to Climate Change is key to preserving the diverse populations of herbs and the creatures that rely on them. We monitor our carbon emissions and have joined a collective of concerned businesses from the natural products industry working collaboratively to catalyze bold action and promote sound policy to reverse climate change.

Conservation: How we source herbs now affects what will remain for future generations. We partner with like-minded organizations that build biodiversity and protect at-risk botanicals. We have established long-term partnerships with American Herbalists Guild, American Herbal Products Association & United Plant Savers.

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