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The benefits of extracts.

This is the most suitable delivery format for the vast majority of herbs. Herbal extracts:

  1. Concentrate all the ingredients of an herb, extracting a wider range of substances than water extraction (tea: decoction/infusion).
  2. Preserve fragile fresh constituents and activities that are lost by drying herbs.
  3. Are easy for the body to assimilate, much more so than a capsule or tablet.
  4. Retain their potency much longer than bulk herbs. Properly made and stored, they have a shelf life of a minimum of 5 years.
  5. Are extremely convenient! They can be easily carried, are instantly ready to use. You don't need to wait for boiling water or steeping tea.

Our manufacturing process is based upon our knowledge of plant energy, chemistry and character combined with decades of clinical experience and modern research. Most of our staff have trained as herbalists under David Winston. Our extracts are made with the finest ingredients: certified organically grown or conscientiously wildcrafted herbs, pure certified organic alcohol derived from sugar cane, distilled water and, when appropriate, USP grade vegetable glycerin or certified organic apple cider vinegar. Each extract is formulated according to the herb’s distinct chemical makeup. Our extracts are made using Spagyric (alchemical) processes which give them a higher mineral and energetic content than found in other extracts.

Our BIO-SPECIFICTM extractions developed by David Winston RH(AHG) define the process. The Extraction Process for each herb is different. Every botanical has its own chemistry, character & energetics that determines the extraction process. Processes include… Botanical Preparation (Extract) Ratio, Double Extraction, or Fresh vs. Dried Botanical Extraction. Extraction can be by one or combination of Certified Organic Alcohol, USP Grade Glycerin, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, or water.
Learn more about the BioSpecificTM Process

Is It The Same As The Bio-SpecificTM Process?

The whole plant is always greater than the sum of its parts... The key to our BIO-SPECIFICTM formulations is our unique Spagyric alchemical extraction process. Spagyric Alchemical Processing maintains the full spectrum of nutrients. Many herbs contain minerals that are a very important part of their activity. After the herb is macerated in the extracting liquid (the menstruum), the used herb or marc is removed and then burned and reduced to white ash. This white ash is pure minerals and almost all of it is soluble when it is added back into the tincture producing the finest, full-spectrum extract. You'll notice fine sediment in our liquid extracts as a result of the alchemical processing. It’s a combination of filtered herb particles and calcined ash which give our extracts a high mineral content. This is why we recommend that the bottle be gently shaken before use.
Learn more about Spagyric Alchemy

At H&A, we stand behind our products. You want to choose products made from ingredients that are certified organic or ecologically harvested manufactured by a company you can trust. We have been in business for over 35 years offering products manufactured under uncompromised quality control standards. You can find more information here.

The Directions On The Bottle Say To Put Drops In Juice Or Water. Is Hot Coffee Or Tea An Option?

Herbal Tinctures can be added to the beverage of your choice, hot or cold does not matter. It is better to consume dosage in one sitting. It may be helpful to add dosage to a small drink container (shot glass size) and take all at once.

Herbal extracts can be taken at any time. Smaller frequent doses are better than a single large dose. Some find taking them with meals might be a helpful reminder, but it is not necessary.

There are however a few herbs that work best when taken with meals or very frequently:

  • Digestive aids are best taken just before eating
  • Supporting Herbs for the acute onset of colds and flu are best taken very frequently

Many of our products are certified kosher. The symbol indicates the product is certified Kosher for year-round use (not for Passover) by OK Kosher Certification. We adhere to strict policies of kosher food law regarding the purchasing of ingredients and raw materials, product preparation, purity and quality.

Herbal formulas and tinctures are best stored at room temperature away from sunlight, windows and lights. Solid Extracts must be refrigerated once opened.

Yes, liquid tinctures are more easily absorbed than a capsule or tablet, with tablets being most poorly absorbed. The ease to vary dosage of a liquid tincture make it a preferred choice to many.

If alcohol is an issue, then capsules, tablets, or extracts made with glycerin would be the preferred form.

Our formulas are proprietary, and the concentration of alcohol used to make our products is based on the botanicals in that formula. Each herb is extracted at its own alcohol percentage based on the types of compounds desired to extract into the finished product. We label our products in accordance with federal labeling regulations, ingredients are listed in descending order of prominence.

It depends upon which size bottle and dose. We’ve got a convenient chart here:

Max Dose # Times
per Day
Approximate Number of Days the Bottle Will Last
    1 fl. oz 2 fl. oz 4 fl. oz 8 fl. oz 16 fl. oz 32 fl. oz 128 fl. oz
2 mL 2 7.5 15 29 60 120 240 946
2 mL 3 5 10 19 40 80 160 631
2 mL 4 3.5 7.5 14 30 60 120 473
2 mL 6 2.5 5 10 20 40 80 315
3 mL 2 5 10 19 40 80 160 631
3 mL 3 3 7 13 27 53 107 420
3 mL 4 2.5 5 10 20 40 80 315
3 mL 6 1.5 3 6.5 13 27 53 210
4 mL 2 3.5 7.5 14 30 60 120 473
4 mL 3 2.5 5 10 20 40 80 315
4 mL 4 Just under 2 3.5 7 15 30 60 236
4 mL 6 1 2.5 5 10 20 40 158
5 mL 2 3 6 12 24 48 96 378
5 mL 3 2 4 8 16 32 64 252
5 mL 4 1.5 3 6 12 24 48 189
5 mL 6 1 2 4 8 16 32 126
6 mL 2 2.5 5 10 20 40 80 315
6 mL 3 1.5 3 6.5 13 27 53 210
6 mL 4 1 2.5 5 10 20 40 158
6 mL 6 Less than 1 day 1.5 3 6.5 13 26 105

Our recommended dosage on the bottle is therapeutic dose based on a 150 lb person

  • Always start with the lowest recommended dose
  • “If a little is good, more is better” DOES NOT APPLY with herbs

Guide to adjusting dosage for children (according to Clark’s Rule):
Divide your child’s weight in pounds by 150 (average adult’s weight)
Yields approximate fraction of the recommended adult dose (found on each bottle)

Example 1

30 lb. child
Formula: 30 ÷ 150 = .20 or 20%
Use 20% of the adult dose

Dosage on bottle: 50 to 70 drops
Formula: 20% of 50 drops (50 x .20) equals 10 drops

Example 2

60 lb. child
Formula: 60 ÷ 150 = .40 or 40%
Use 40% of the adult dose

Dosage on bottle:
50 to 70 drops
Formula: 40% of 50 drops (50 x .40) equals 20 drops

Example 3

100 lb. child
Formula: 100 ÷ 150 = .66 or 66%
Use 66% of the adult dose

Dosage on bottle: 50 to 70 drops
Formula: 66% of 50 drops (50 x .66) equals 33 drops

Conversion Factors That May Be Helpful:

  • 20 drops = 1ml.
  • 1 oz. bottle of our product is 30ml and has approximately 600 drops in it.
  • 1 tsp = 5 ml
  • There are approximately 100 drops in 1 tsp
  • There are 6 tsps. in 1 fl. oz.

Herbalist & Alchemist Childrens Line of Formulas are alcohol free. We also have a special select group of alcohol-free extracts. We use the finest USP Grade Glycerin manufactured from tropical oils (palm, palm kernel and/or coconut). Check out our alcohol-free formulas and extracts.

Glycerin extracted products may be more appropriate for:

  • Infants and small children under the age of 2, though David Winston will only use when other choices are more harsh
  • Individuals who have an alcohol abuse issue or a liver condition such as hepatitis or cirrhosis

David developed his formulas to create synergy meaning the combined effect of herbs in a formula is greater than the sum of their separate effects. Based on a nucleus of about 300 herbs that David consistently used clinically for specific conditions with good results, he found there was often a basic group of herbs that consistently worked for a specific condition. For example, herbs such as ginger, cayenne and pepper have been used as a catalyst to encourage and optimize effectiveness. Herbs like licorice have been used to harmonize and/or temper stronger acting herbs in a formula.

The herbs in a formula may change occasionally for various reasons. David Winston's ever evolving research and knowledge find a revision will make for an even better formula. But sometimes other factors warrant a change. An herb may no longer be readily available due to sustainability or quality issues. Weather and/or climate issues can also affect crop yields resulting in insufficient supply. Learn more about our commitment to sourcing raw materials sustainably here

Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and crossbreeds of these with other grains. None of these grains are used in the manufacturing of our products. Our hydroalcoholic extracts use Alcohol derived from organic sugar cane. Glycerin used in some of our products is derived from vegetable sources (primarily tropical plants such as palm). Even though oat is not recognized as a gluten-containing grain, we test every lot of our oat-based products (Oat Extract, Oat Glycerite, and OsteoHerb) for gluten content, as a service to our customers.

In keeping in compliance with FDA regulations, we are not at liberty to make recommendations. Most of our products have a Structure/Function Claim. These statements are not allowed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

There are a few simple guidelines for safe use of formulas and herbs in general:

  • Follow the suggested use or dosage listed on the label. If there is dosage range listed on the label, start with the lower dosage. "If a little is good, more must be better" does not apply. Pay attention to Contraindications on the label.
  • If you are taking prescription drugs, interactions between some herbs and pharmaceuticals are possible. Discuss these possibilities with a professional. Authoritative information on herb safety is the Botanical Safety Handbook (Gardner, Z & McGuffin, M, 2013).


Our Quality Control Department takes testing very seriously. Because of our meticulous sourcing of materials, organoleptic examination by hand, and use of the most proficient testing labs for herbs, you will never receive an adulterated product from us.

ID & Quality of all botanicals is confirmed by our expertly trained staff using

  • Biological/Organoleptic Evaluation
  • Analytical Testing
  • Advanced Lab Testing including Chemical identification of biomarkers, microscopic examination, HPTLC, DNA

Each finished product has specifications that meet the following criteria:

  • Sensory/Organoleptic Evaluation
  • Identity, Purity, Composition and Strength tested via analytical methods
  • Microbiological testing
  • Heavy Metals
  • Aflatoxin

Our non-toxic compostable packing peanuts are re-usable. If you need to dispose of them, they dissolve easily in warm water and can be washed down the drain. They also make a great addition to your compost pile (either dissolved in water or just mix them right in with your compost, they will biodegrade easily and provide good food for the earth worms). They are made from corn starch, not paper or Styrofoam, so please do not put them into your mixed recycling.

Very occasionally, we will receive packages that contain foam packing peanuts. Instead of tossing them we will sometimes re-use them.

We are fully compliant with the US Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and are regularly inspected by FDA. Our procedures are documented and followed to the letter. Detailed records and samples are kept. FDA regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients. H&A complies with all relevant parts of FDA’s dietary supplement regulations. FDA inspections and audits include a full review of our products verifying we meet all requirements.

All dietary supplement companies are inspected by the FDA, but FDA will not allow the "marketing" claim: "FDA Approved Facility."

"Proposition 65" (Prop 65 for short) refers to California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This is a California right-to-know law that applies only to the State of California. It requires companies to inform California residents about the presence - even at trace levels - of certain substances that are commonly present in a wide variety of everyday products such as foods, dietary supplements, cleaners and beauty care products, just to name a few.

Our products are made with natural ingredients. We never use chemicals to make Herbalist & Alchemist products, and no chemicals are found within our carefully sourced raw materials. Prop 65 defines certain heavy metals, such as lead, which can naturally occur in the soil, as chemicals.

Many plants can take up naturally occurring elements from the soil and air in which they are grown. In order to be fully transparent and to ensure that you, our valued customers, know what is in the products you enjoy, H&A tests every lot of every product we make for trace amounts of heavy metals.

The substance levels that trigger a Prop 65 warning are exceptionally low: almost 1,000 times lower than what is generally allowed as safe by US and International Pharmacopeia standards. Only those lots that trigger a Prop 65 warning are labeled with this information.

For more info on Prop 65, check out the Q&A on the American Herbal Products Association website here.

Certified Organic Alcohol, USP Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerin, Certified Organic Olive Oil and Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar are always used in the production of our products. Sourcing Certified Organic raw botanicals is always our first choice and top priority whenever possible but not all botanicals can be cultivated. 75% of our raw botanicals are Certified Organic with the remainder of botanicals ecologically harvested.Learn more about how we source our herbs here.

The ◆ △ symbols on the bottle tell the sourcing story of the unique botanicals you hold in your hand. We work with a network of growers and ethical wildcrafters, so the harvest method for each batch can vary. If you have questions about how the current lot of an extract is sourced, please reach out to us.

◆ Certified Organic

△ Ecologically Harvested

Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using "business as a force for good". Certified by nonprofit B Lab, Certified B Corporations are for profit companies that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The B Corp assessment is demanding, requiring extensive documentation to prove you walk your talk. The Standards and practices required for a B Corporation were part of H&A's philosophy from the beginning. Our pledge is to make products beneficial for people in a way that is good for the earth.

We are proud of our commitment to using local suppliers first! We are proud to be part of a community of like-minded corporations that put people and planet first. We continue to increase the percentage of Certified Organic herbs we source, we participate in Terracycle Brigades, donate products to those in need, and adhere to company policies that reinforce our commitment to social and environmental good.

You can visit our Sustainability Page to learn more & read our annual report, as well as view our current B Impact Report from B Lab, and learn more of what it means to be a B Corp.

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