Adaptogens-Herbs For Strength, Stamina


and Stress Relief

Adaptogens - Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

David Winston, RH(AHG) with Steven Maimes

Copyright © 2007, 2019 by Herbal Therapeutics, Inc. with Steven Maimes

ISBN: 978-1-62055-958-1


About This Book

In this updated and expanded edition of the definitive guide to adaptogenic herbs, clinical herbalist David Winston and researcher Steven Maimes provide a comprehensive look at adaptogens: non-toxic herbs such as ginseng, eleuthero, and ashwagandha that help the body “adapt” to the many influences it encounters and manage the stresses it experiences.

Beginning with a history of the use of adaptogens around the world, the book examines how these herbal remedies work and why they are so effective at combating stress-induced illness and ailments. The extensive Materia Medica includes monographs on 25 adaptogens, including eleuthero, schisandra, ashwagandha, reishi and holy basil, as well as complementary nervines, restorative tonics, and nootropic herbs. Each monograph presents the latest scientific research and details the origin, traditional and clinical uses, actions, properties, preparation, and dosage for each herb. The book also includes guidance on adaptogenic remedies for our animal companions.

This guide to adaptogens will allow you to safely and effectively use these herbal remedies to enhance your health and improve your chances of living a longer, healthier, and well-balanced life.



  • 432 pages - nearly 100 pages of additional information
  • Color photos of adaptogens
  • Decade of new research & case histories
  • Monographs on 25 adaptogens including added herbs such as Rhaponticum, Maca and Shatavari
  • Recipes for adaptogens and restorative tonics as food


About the Authors

David Winston, RH(AHG), is a clinical herbalist and ethnobotanist with 50 years of training in Chinese, Western/Eclectic, and Southeastern herbal traditions. He is a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild, the founder/director of the Herbal Therapeutics Research Library, and the dean of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies. He holds an honorary doctor of science from National University of Natural Medicine. He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Steven Maimes has studied natural medicine for over 30 years. A researcher, freelance writer, and principal of SALAM Research, he lives in Rochester, New Hampshire.

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