Alice Masotes


Alice Masotes

Herbalist and H&A Salesperson, NJ

Alice Masotes is one of H&A’s stellar Outside Sales Rep. Like many of the people who work here, Alice is an alumnus of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies Two Year program.

How did you first become interested in the world of medicinal herbs?

I first became interested in medicinal herbs back in 1987. I had studied in New York with a few teachers and was always interested in the health field. I became a massage therapist in 1989 and started my own business along with working with Chiropractors and part time in health food stores. They were all very good teaches in moving my career along.

What led you to working with H&A?

While working as a massage therapist and at Black Forest Acres in New Jersey, the owner Traute Ringwald was taking David Winston’s two year herbal course. Beth asked her if she knew anyone that might be interested in working as the outside sales rep for H&A, and Trudy recommended me for the position. Beth gave me a call and the rest is history so they say. I have been with H&A for 14 years. It is a wonderful company to work for, not only are their products top of the line but the people that work and run the company are truly wonderful people. They are dedicated to making great products ethically and responsibly.

How do you use your training via David Winston in your work? How do your retail customers respond your extensive knowledge of herbs and the H&A formulas?

When I first started with H&A I took David’s 2 year herbal program. It is an amazing course and David is a great teacher. Thru his course I was able to speak with store owners and practitioners about herbs and specifically David’s formulas. I think education is key in getting out the knowledge about our products. Once I do a training or explain to a store owner or practitioner about our products it becomes much clearer and they become a very loyal customer of ours.

What has it been like to work for one of your teachers?
I would just like to say it has been privilege to work with David and Beth and the staff at H&A and a wonderful 14 years. The knowledge and the friendships are priceless.

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