Interviews: David Winston & Students


David Winston & Students

Center For Herbal Studies
About The Program And Scope Of Training
David Winston Rh(AHG)
Founder H&A
Holistic Health, Clinical Herbalist
Betzy Bancroft, RH(AHG)
Clinical Herbalist & Educator
Andrew Appello, MSOM, L.Ac, RH(AHG)
Clinical Herbalist
Dale Bellisfield RN, RH(AHG)
Holistic Health, Clinical Herbalist
Ralph Celebre RH (AHG)
Clinical Herbalist, Health Food Store Owner
Changewater Wellness Clinic
Guild of Professional Herbalists
Alice Masotes, Herbalist
H&A Salesperson
Cassandra Welsh
Clinical Herbalist, Natural Products Store Owner
Lisa Volta
Volta Market and Volta Organics
Roseanne Schnoll, PhD, RD, CDN
Associate Professor of Nutrition, Brooklyn College
Robert Turchyn RH(AHG)
Advanced Exercise Therapist, Kauai Island Health
Cheryl Karcher
Clinical Herbalist, Hilltop Herbals and Valley Integrative Pharmacy
Janet Galipo, AP, DOM
Be Healthy, Inc
Kate Bodmann RH (AHG), RA
Land of Milk and Honey Herbs
Alison Birks MS, AHG, CNS
Nutritionist, herbalist, educator at the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition
Sara-Chana Silverstein RH(AHG)
Clinical Herbalist & Author
Ruth Carden
H&A Student Representative at NUNM
Tiffany Davies
Embark Herbals, LLC
Lori Lazar
Herbalist & Alchemist Sales Rep and Owner of Hedge Witch Apothecary
Sally Handlon
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and author of Your Journey to Aging Well: Drink, Move, Eat, Sleep.
Katheryn Langelier
Herbalist & Founder Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary
Mary Lou Thackery
Herbalist & H&A Sales Rep, Owner ML Marketing, LLC
Linda Shanahan
Founder Bluestem Botanicals
Amy Lichty
Clincal Herbalist VitalityNow
Ping Zhao
Herbalist, Teacher, Owner Authentic Eastern Health, L.L.C.
Dr. Glenn Gero, N.D., M.SC., M.H., M.E.S., C.L.C.
David Harder RH(AHG)
Clinical Herbalist, Health Food Store Owner
Elaine Kilgannon
Clinical Herbalist, Health Food Store Owner
Elle Levenson
Clinical Herbalist & Reflexologist
Jennifer O’Hagan
Clinical Herbalist & Therapeutic Bodywork Specialist
Dr. Orest Pelechaty, M.SC., O.M.D., C.A., AHG
Traute Ringwald
Clinical Herbalist, Health Food Store Owner (includes Updated Interview)
Jane Bowers
Herbalist, Natural Products Store Owner
Brad Snyder
Innovative Therapies, Washington NJ
Maia Toll
Author, Educator, Natural Products Store Owner, Clinical Herbalist (includes Updated Interview)
Susan Hess
Therapeutic Herbalist and Educator at Farm at Coventry
Molly Landergan Clinical Herbalist,
Telegraphic Tree
Eileen Cuce
Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner, Five Elements Holistic Health
Dr. Wendy Warner, MD, ABIHM
Medicine In Balance
Brenda VanNatta LMT, ACBT
Shiatsu For You
Richard Mandelbaum RH
Clinical Herbalist, Educator:; ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism; David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies; Tristate College of Acupuncture
Andrea Baldwin
Herbalist to People & Horses at Equibotanical
Dr. Maria Benito-Herrero, M.D.
Princeton Integral Endocrinology
Cynthia Lankenau, DVM
Tiffany Robbins
Clinical Herbalist & Educator Wisdom of the Plants Seminary
Dr. Jamie Moran
Veterinarian, Willow Creek Veterinary Clinic
Erin Stewart
Clinical Herbalist & Aromatherapist, Floranella
Dr. Kendra Pope
Holistic Veterinarian, Integrative Oncology and Veterinarian Wellness
Nicole Smith
Herbalist & Alchemist Customer Service Manager
Jennifer Noble
Herbalist & Owner Second Nature Health Foods
Amanda Crooke
Herbalist, Educator & Owner Locust Light Farm
Megan Stypulkoski
Herbalist, Artist & Owner Sheep Hill Herbals
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