GMPs and Testing Programs

Third party testing is done on all of our extracts to screen for heavy metals, afflatoxins, and in the case of our Solid Extracts, microbiological activity.

We are fully compliant with the US Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Our procedures are documented and followed to the letter. Detailed records and samples are kept.

We’ve been crafting the highest quality herbal products since 1981. Species authentication by trained botanists compared against our standards and hand garbling of every raw material shipment are hallmarks of our BIO-SPECIFICTM process.

Rutgers University’s New Use Agriculture & Natural Plant Products Department works with us to optimize botanical selection, extraction methods & processes. They perform identity testing on powdered ingredients, some cut and sifted herbs, and solid extract ingredients to insure species authentication. This testing is done before the material is accepted for production.

David Winston Hand