Roman Chamomile Extract


Balances Muscle Spasms*


Botanical Name: Chamaemelum nobile

Part Used: Flowers +

Fresh/Dry: Dried


Roman Chamomile has been discontinued as a simple extract due to sourcing difficulties. Locating a consistent, reliable grower of this low volume herb to meet our strict sustainability requirements and quality standards has become a challenge. As with any situation where we reformulate or present alternatives, it depends on why someone is taking an herb, as herbs can have multiple activities. 
David Winston provides the following to use as a research guide:
If using Roman Chamomile as a Carminative: Chamomile has similar properties, tastes better but is less bitter
If using Roman Chamomile as a bitter: one can substitute any of our Bitters formulas 
If using Roman Chamomile as a GI antispasmodic: Wild Yam, Cyperus, Catnip
If using Roman Chamomile as a Uterine antispasmodic: Black Haw, Cyperus


Kosher Certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification


Herbalist & Alchemist Formulas Containing Roman Chamomile Extract:

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