Newsletter Notes by David Winston, AHG

July / August 2004

Herb of the Season: Fresh Milky Oat (Avena sativa)

Fresh Milky Oat is a truly amazing medicinal plant. At Herbalist & Alchemist we process fresh oats in the milky stage. They are processed quickly, without heat, to make the finest quality Fresh Oat Extract available in the market. We work with local farmers who watch daily to determine the exact time for harvest. They bring the freshly picked oats right to our facility.

Oats are amphoteric to the nervous system—that is they balance the nervous system. Acting as a superb nervine, they are useful in treating anxiety, impaired sleep patterns, nervous exhaustion, sexual neurasthenia, weak libido and occipital pain tending toward the spine. Oats reduce the withdrawal effects from nicotine and caffeine. It is simply one of our best remedies for chronic stress.

What is the difference between Fresh Oat Extract, Oat Straw and Oatmeal? Fresh Oat Extract is able to capture those fleeting nervine properties available only for a limited time. These fragile constituents cannot be preserved through drying—and are only available as a fresh hydro-alcoholic or glycerine extract. Oat straw is nutritional—high in silica and minerals, but not very active as a nervine. Oatmeal is a food which has soluble fiber, but also a lot of gluten which is problematic for people with celiac disease.