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Suzanne Shelton

Herbalist & Alchemist Introduces Pomegranate Goji Berry Solid Extract

Washington, NJ (March 23, 2009) Herbalist & Alchemist announces the latest addition to their unique line of solid extracts: Pomegranate Goji Berry Solid Extract. Goji berries (Lycium Fruit) and pomegranate are popular sources of antioxidant flavonoids.

A relatively little known, but very effective delivery form for concentrated nutrients, solid extracts are a jam-like paste that can be eaten straight from a spoon, spread on toast or crackers, or mixed in hot water or tea. This is ideal for people who prefer food-based form supplementation or have trouble with pills. Solids are an excellent form of supplementation for children because they taste good.

Other products in the line include Blueberry Solid Extract as a systemic antioxidant to support healthy vision, Elderberry/Blueberry to support the immune system, Hawthorn/Blueberry for heart health, Tomato/Carrot to support eye health, and Cranberry/Blueberry to support a healthy urinary tract.

Herbalist & Alchemistís products are formulated by David Winston, an internationally known lecturer, author and ethno botanist. For almost 40 years, David has been studying, practicing, teaching and researching Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal medicine. For over 25 years Davidís world-renowned two-year herbal studies program has been educating Herbalists, Physicians, Nurses, Naturopathic Physicians, Veterinarians, and Nutritionists in the art and science of clinical herbal medicine.

For more information please visit www.herbalist-alchemist.com

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