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Suzanne Shelton

Herbalist & Alchemist Expo East Events: Kindle Give Away, David Winston Book Signings

Baltimore, MD (September 22, 2012) Herbalist & Alchemist will give away a brand new Kindle e-book loaded with company founder and clinical herbalist David Winston’s educational sessions to one very lucky booth visitor at Expo East, to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center September 22 - 24, 2012. David will also sign and give away his books on Thursday and Friday.

Herbalist & Alchemist will introduce New Products: Kidney Relief and Pippali Long Pepper

David Winston’s Kidney Relief Formula supports kidney excretory function. It is supportive for addressing edema conditions and PMS water retention. It contains hydroalcoholic extracts of Celery seed (Apium graveolens), Parsley whole plant (Petroselinum crispum), Buchu leaf (Agathosma betulina), Corn silk (Zea mays), Pipsissewa herb (Chimaphila umbellata).

Pippali Long Pepper (Piper longum) is related to black pepper (Piper spp.) and is used as a spice and for its medicinal activity. It is a major tonic herb or rasayana in Ayurvedic medicine. The fruits act as a carminative and expectorant, and can be used for cold/damp coughs, dyspepsia, flatulence, and abdominal bloating. It also enhances circulation and promotes absorption of other herbs when used in a formula. David Winston has also made clinical revisions to update two of his popular formulas – adding Andrographis to Astragalus/Echinacea Compound and Pippali Long Pepper to AP Compound.

The schedule of events in H&A booth # 5029 is as follows:

Thursday September 20:
2–3 PM Book Signing with David Winston
4:30 PM Product basket give away

Friday September 21:
2–3PM Book Signing with David Winston
4:30 PM Product basket give away

Saturday September 22:
12–noon Drawing for new Kindle eBook loaded with David Winston's recent seminars.

Attendees can register for the drawings when they visit the booth. In keeping with their status as a Certified B Corporation, Herbalist & Alchemist is using a paperless entry system for the contests.

Herbalist & Alchemist’s products are formulated by company founder David Winston, RH(AHG) an internationally known herbalist, lecturer, author and ethnobotanist. For over 40 years, David has been studying, practicing, teaching and researching Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal medicine. David’s world-renowned two-year herbal studies program has been educating Herbalists, Physicians, Nurses, Naturopathic Physicians, Veterinarians, and Nutritionists in the art and science of clinical herbal medicine for 29 years. Herbalist & Alchemist’s products are available through practitioners and fine health food stores nationwide, and through TallGrass, Ltd. in Canada.  Herbalist & Alchemist is a Certified B Corporation™.

For more information please visit www.herbalist-alchemist.com

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