Why David started H&A

“The name Herbalist & Alchemist actually came to me in a dream. Prior to 1982 I was using the name Herbal Therapeutics, which I actually ended up using for another one of my companies (Herbal Therapeutics provides herbal education at herbaltherapeutics.net).

When I dreamt that the name of the company should be Herbalist & Alchemist, I decided to use it because I felt it accurately reflects how plants are transformed into the best and most effective medicines.”

“When I started practicing as an herbalist in 1976 there were very few good herbal tinctures on the market. In fact I would go as far as to say that there weren’t any decent tinctures in the herbal marketplace and so I started to make my own tinctures, ointments, oils, teas and other products for my patients.

The problem was that when you make a tincture there's a certain volume of scale that's necessary. Tiny little batches simply don’t work. I would have to make a gallon of tincture when I might only need a pint, so in 1981 decided to start a business to sell all the “extra” tinctures. Along with a few investors that included my mother, a friend, and a friend of a friend, I got together a little bit of money and formally incorporated Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc. in 1982.”


David Winston RH (AHG)
Founder, Herbalist & Alchemist