Beth Lambert, CEO

She was soon running a Permaculture publishing company, a community supported farm, and teaching at Rutgers. One of her farming partners, who was taking David Winston’s two year herbal studies program, introduced her to David, who was looking for some advice on his herbal products company. And after reviewing the business, she joined the company as his business partner.

Beth is on the Board of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association and has helped to develop their Educational Teleseminar Program for Veterinarians. She is on the Board of American Herbal Products Association and acts as Chair of its Education Committee, which develops both industry education and educational programs for practitioners. She is Vice Chair of AHPA-ERB Foundation, an organization dedicated to research, safety and preservation of botanicals.

A Harvard Business School graduate, CEO Beth Lambert had a very successful Wall Street Career which she left to pursue her interest in environmentally based businesses.

For years she had made money for clients whose products were made without consideration for sustainability or the environment. Having met some environmental pioneers in the Permaculture movement in the late 1980s, she resolved that the rest of her life would be dedicated to making products that were healthy, “closer to the earth” and sustainable.

Beth Lambert