Evolution of the Business

“I was attracted to the integrity and authenticity of the products. David and I had similar goals—his to run a business that made clinically effective products and mine to work to grow a business that was good for people and good for the earth.”

Beth Lambert

Since that time, H&A has expanded the product line to meet the needs of practitioners and health food stores and has begun distribution in Canada via Tallgrass Ltd’s Botanica line.

As demand grew for H&A’s effective products, David realized he needed someone to help manage the business, while he continued to focus on his clinical practice, training programs, writing books and speaking engagements.

“My lifelong study and love of herbs led me to start this business, but I realized that if we were going to grow I needed someone who could take the business to the next level.”

David Winston

Beth Lambert’s unusual career path connected her to a farming partner who was taking David’s two year herbal studies program. When David mentioned he was looking for some advice on his herbal products business, the introduction was made. After reviewing the company, Beth joined H&A as David’s business partner.


Beth Harvesting Herbs From One of Her Beds