Clinically Developed Formulas

“For example, our Bitters Compound came from a base that I called DOPAA. DOPAA stands for Dandelion root, Orange peel, Angelica and Artichoke. I had found that that combination was incredibly useful for helping to stimulate gastric hydrochloric acid and enhance digestive function.

All of our formulas are based on a nucleus of about 300 herbs that I've consistently used clinically for specific conditions with good results.

People with more complicated problems should consider going to a clinical herbalist and get a formula designed specifically for them, but we have seen in the last 30 years that you can create herbal formulas that work well for the vast majority of people.”

“Early in my career as an herbalist, I believed that each person needed their own distinct formula and so I only made individual herbal extracts, no formulas.

There was a constant demand for formuals; both practitioners and natural food stores wanted them. So I reviewed cases from my clinical practice and found that even though I might not be using the exact same formula for each patient, there was often a basic group of herbs that consistently worked clinically for a specific condition.”


Practioner Developed Formulas
by David Winston RH(AHG)