30 Years Later

“I guess many companies don’t last 30 years and I am very proud that we’re still here producing products that I’m as satisfied with as when I made everything with my own hands. The basic premise of wanting to produce the best medicines I could for my patients is still the guiding force behind what we do today.

Whether it’s a customer in a health food store or a practitioner in their office, I want to know that we’re producing the best quality product that we possibly can. And that we are consistently looking for ways to improve and enhance products, even if they been successful for 30 years.

I believe that there is always room for improvement, for growth and that is part of our company culture. I hope in another 20 years when we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary we will hear people say ‘they are one of the great Herb companies of all time.’ ”

“When I started Herbalist & Alchemist thirty years ago you could start a company on a shoestring and we did, in very humble conditions. Now the amount of regulation (FDA, FTC and ATF) is much, much more significant. Especially with the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices regulations, it is a more complex business with everything from detailed documentation and staff training to our various computer systems.

We started off with a little 512K Macintosh® as our first computer. Now we have computer systems and manufacturing systems. Production is on a much larger scale of course, but the biggest changes are the regulatory requirements and quality assurance costs of production.

The cost of regulations, the cost of business insurance, the cost of innovation... all these things have dramatically increased, as well as the complexity of meeting all of those challenges. We meet those requirements very well, but it would be much harder to start Herbalist & Alchemist today.”

Climate Controlled

Our Product Storage Area is Climate Controlled to Maintain Quality