Our Pledge

• Creating an environment of teamwork which fosters efficiency of operations in all functional areas, where each process is continually monitored.

• Promoting the concept that quality is achieved by compliance with pertinent established national and international regulations and guidelines. We don't cut corners, and our products reflect that commitment.

• Working with Rutgers University on quality assurance issues, we manufacture over 250 single extracts and herbal formulas from organically grown or sustainably wild-crafted herbs. We source raw herbs from people we know, examine each batch by hand before they are processed, and make the extracts ourselves. We know, exactly, that what is in our products is on the label.

• The majority of our employees live less than 15 miles from the company. Many choose to work here to be close to their families, reduce their commuting time and have more free time for other pursuits. Most of our employees have been with us for many years. Some have come to us having been students of David Winston’s 2 year studies class or having heard him at an educational seminar.

• We give preferences to local suppliers and support Organic farmers and sustainable wildcrafters. Some of our suppliers have worked in our production area. Others are friends through the farming and permaculture communities. We are proud of these long-term relationships, which are nurtured through fair and honest business transactions.

Herbalist and Alchemist’s mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute herbal supplements that are of the highest quality, manufactured from plant material that originates in harmony with the environment: organically grown, ethically wild-crafted or sustainably harvested.

Each employee of this company is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence possible. The company is dedicated to continually improving its knowledge base, processes and practices in order to maintain its position in the forefront of the herbal products community. We are likewise committed to providing education and information about the health benefits and uses of herbal medicine.

Herbalist & Alchemist believes that quality is the responsibility of every employee and must never be compromised.

The company is committed to producing the highest quality products available ethically and sustainably and achieves this goal by:

• Listening to customers, suppliers, and staff, and acting on their inputs to provide continual process improvement efforts.

Wild Lettuce Extracts

Wild Lettuce Extract Promotes Restful Sleep